Sunday, 20 April 2014

White Line Appears on Adobe Reader Preview After PowerPoint Converted to PDF [Solved]

When you try to print preview from converted PDF document (Using Adobe Reader) from Microsoft PowerPoint (with using CutePDF Writer), you may observe a thin white line line (or even more lines) on the image.

There are 2 possible solutions which can help to solve the problem.

Solution 1

1.    When PowerPoint slide is converted to PDF format, the Adobe Reader display white line on the PDF document.

2.    Edit > Preferences...

3.    Page Display > Uncheck ‘Smooth line art’ > OK

4.    The white line disappears.

Solution 2

5.    If problem persists, go to Control Panel > Printers

 6.    Right-Click on CutePDF Writer > Select ‘Printing Preferences’... > Select ‘Advanced...’


7.    Reduced the Print Quality to ‘300dpi’ > OK

8.    Convert the PowerPoint slide again to PDF format.