Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to Setup Screen Mirroring on EZCast (M2) with Win 7

This guide is for using Win 7 to set up EZ Cast  M2 Android HDMI 1080P Player Dongle Wifi Display Receiver Adapter which support online sharing to TV Wifi Display.

Brand Name: EZ Cast
Model Type: M2
Model number: AM8251

1. Connect EZCast device onto your TV with HDMI slot. Power on your EZCast device. This is what you should see on your TV (using HDMI channel). Follow the guide as shown on the TV.

2. Download the EZCast software into your computer.

3. Install the EZCast software. (Make sure your computer able to search for wireless network)

4.   Disconnect your home wireless network from PC.

5. Connect EZCast wireless network

Alternatively, you can connect directly to EZCast wireless network when you click onto the EZCast application icon. Your home wireless network will automatically disconnected and connected to EZCast wireless network.

6. Click on EZCast 'ON' button.

7. Select your Mirror preference:
- Mode: select "Graphic" or "Video"
- Compatible Mode: 'tick' on the box
- Audio Streaming: select "On" on the radio button.

8. Now you can perform screen mirroring from your laptop to your HD TV.

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