Friday, 20 September 2013

How to Hide or Unhide Desktop.ini

The desktop.ini file is a hidden file contained for the Windows folder which is used to customize and adjust settings. This file can be safely deleted from any directory.  However, deleting on this file will change the associated settings with the folder and will revert the settings back to default. For example, the folder containing this file (desktop.ini) is using a different icon and the default folder icon will be revert back to default icon after the desktop.ini file is deleted.

For some reason, you have found that the desktop.ini keeps appearing from nowhere. In this post, you will learn how to ‘hide’ your desktop.ini file from your computer screen.

1. Start > Type “folder options” in the Search box > Enter

 2. Select “View” Tab

3. Select "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) > Click 'Apply' button

4. If you want to ‘hide’ all the hidden files and folders, you can also check on the radio button “Do not show hidden files and folders”. Click ‘Apply’ button. You will find all the related hidden files and folders magically ‘disappear’.