Sunday, 4 August 2013

How to Delete mcagent.exe from Notification Area Icons

In some computer are preinstalled with McAfee Internet Security.
After the McAfee software is uninstalled with McAfee removal tool, you may find some parts of the McAfee software is still 'left over' at the Notification tray inside the system at...

Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Notification Area Icons, mcagent.exe - where McAfee Security Center is still on the list.

The issue is that some computers are pre-installs with McAfee and new customers that don't want it, waste a lot of time removing the program and then find there is still one more thing to do. 
It appears this is a Windows 7 issue.

Click on double arrow in taskbar > click "customize" > mcagent.exe still there after using the removal processes with MCPR tool (McAfee removal tool).

SOLUTION for Windows 7 (not recommended for novices): 

1. Using Ccleaner (

2. Go to Cleaner. Uncheck all selections under Windows and Applications tabs.

3. Go to Advanced.

4. Click Tray Notification Cache.

5. Click Analyze.

6. Run Cleaner.

7. Close Ccleaner.
8. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

9. Click Start task Manager, click Processes, right click explorer.exe, end process (desktop will disappear).

10. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, on right side see red button, press and restart.

Result: mcagent.exe should be gone from Notification Area Icons.