Monday, 1 July 2013

The Art of Tech

 How Computer Works

Computers work in a 3-stage process: input, process and output. Almost every process requires the complex interaction of many devices, including multiple pieces of hardware and layers of software. Good techs understand each process to facilitate their troubleshooting.

Dealing with Customers

A tech’s job takes on the role of psychologist as well as detective when users get into the mix. Asking the right questions – and avoid the wrong ones – helps elicit answers for your troubleshooting. Avoid accusatory questions and focus on indirect ones. Treat customers properly, respecting their privacy and the sanctity of their possessions. Use a level, non-accusatory tone when conversing with customers and practice ‘assertive’ communication.

Troubleshooting Methodology

You need to have the right tools to accomplish your job. At least, carry a Philip-head screwdriver; also carry some FRUs for part-swapping. Back up critical files before making changes to a computer. Analyze, test and complete your troubleshooting. Use the Troubleshooting Theory to help resolve issues:

1.    Identify the problem.
2.    Establish a theory of probable cause.
3.    Test the theory to determine the cause.
4.    Establish a plan of action.
5.    Verify full system functionality
6.    Document your findings