Friday, 12 July 2013

Samsung S Planner Unable to Sync to Google Calendar

I have been using Samsung smartphone app, S Planner, to record my events / appointment.  Recently I have suddenly discovered most my events which I stored in the phone are not reflected on the Google Calendar.  

After searching for possible solutions, I finally found one that really works for me. Here is a quick tip I have found and tested successfully which might also works for you if you have experienced the same problem.

1. Open 'S Planner'

2. Go to 'Settings > Calendars' or simply select 'Calendars' from the main menu.

3. Uncheck 'My Calendar'

4. Uncheck 'My task'

5. Return back to main menu.

6. Add an 'event' on the calendar. Make sure select the 'Calendar' from the correct gmail address.
 For example:
Instead using 'My Calendar' or 'Samsung Calendar', select your Google Calendar email address you are currently using. (ie.

7. Select 'Sync' after creating your new event.

8. Log in Google Calendar to check the 'events'.

9. Check back the options 'My Calendar' and 'My task'. (optional)

Additional Notes:

After performing some testing . I found an interesting issue that I need to select 'Sync' option whenever i enter new 'events' on the phone and refresh (F5 key on the computer) the 'Google Calendar' in order for both sides to sync correctly.

Other the other hand, when I enter an event from the Google Calendar directly, the phone calendar is updated seamlessly without performing any sync or refresh.

I suspect it might due to current firmware / application / Android version (4.1.2) I'm using in Samsung smartphone has some bugging issues that cannot sync with the Goggle Calendar seamlessly.

There are many other ways to resolve this synchronization issue but I find this is the most applicable  and easiest solution to solve my current problem.