Thursday, 20 June 2013

Wix Review - Simple Solution to Create Stylish and Professional Website

What is Wix?

Wix is a stylish website builder if you want to build a beautiful, professional and interactive website on your own.
Wix is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder which collaborate with drag and drop functionality. Whatever elements you insert into the website editor, and by doing some drag and drop the elements at your preference location, the final product will show up the same way once the website is published. 

Wix Drawbacks
Unfortunately, you cannot change the design template to another template freely once you have selected the template in Wix. You have to re-insert your content (such as text and pictures) all over again if you want switch designs later. So it’s best to try out few templates first before finalize your selected design and start working on your website.
Another drawback is that Wix do not allow you access to edit the HTML or CSS codes if you want to make very specific design tweaks through codes (this option is not available yet).  But if you are not technically proficient or simply illiterate in codes editing / developing, this drawback is irrelevant to you.
Wix Mobile Editor
Wix has a very unique mobile editor which allows you to build a completely separate, dedicated mobile site that has the flexibility to be completely different from your desktop site.  Most other website builders don’t offer this functionality which allows you to control your visitors’ mobile experiences.
You can also insert your phone number in which you visitors can “touch” it and it will automatically call you.  This is especially helpful if you are a business, as you’re making it easy for your visitors to contact you.

Most website builders do not offer app markets for their users. Wix, on the other hand, have an App Market with more than 80 Apps for you to integrate into your Wix website which makes Wix able to differentiate from other website builders.

WIX SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
When comes to SEO, Wix allows you to build either a HTML5-based website or a flash-based website with all the basic SEO optimization, such as descriptions, titles and keywords for each web page.  You can also insert Google Analytics to start tracking your website visitor statistics as well.

Hosting - Free and Premium Services
Wix provides both free hosting as well as upgraded premium packages and services. For non-tech savvy users, this is one great news without managing 'technical' issues on self hosting services. One drawback of Wix is that they cannot perform any export or archive feature.  If you decide you want to leave Wix, you are not able to take anything out from Wix platform despite the effort put on building your own website. if you’re interested in Wix, try it for free to see if it fits your needs.
WIX Features Overview

You can try Wix for free first to see if it suits your needs before committing on the premium packages and services. Wix has 4 different levels of premium packages which considering not extraordinary expensive with all the services and support Wix can offer.

Overall, Wix offers a simple solution to those who need a starting point to build a beautiful website (with a broad range of stylish deigns to choose from), or for those who don’t want to create a design from scratch.

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