Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Set Bcc Printable for Email in Outlook 2007

Generally, without a third-party addin software, your Outlook email is not printable on BCC addressee. It is still possible to print BCC addressee on your email with the following steps below in a more 'traditional alternative' method.

1.    Open “Customize Quick Access Toolbar”
2.    More Commands…..

3.    All Commands > Form > Add > OK

4.    Click “Design This Form”

5.    Field Chooser > Address fields > Bcc (Drag and pull Bcc below Cc…)

6.    Right-Click “Bcc…” button > Click on “Properties”

7.    Validation > Check on the box “ Include this field for Printing and Save As” > Apply > OK

8.    Publish > Personal Form Library > Enter “Display name:” > Publish > Click on “Run This Form”

9.    Print Preview > Print