Sunday, 9 June 2013

Create Local Admin to Rejoin Disjoint Account

***Caution***: The following procedures will cause risk on your account and computer in any event the situation goes wrong. Not for beginners. Perform the following steps at your own risk.

1. Disconnect all related Network first. Then boot your computer from OEM CD.
2. Select Command Prompt, set X drive to D drive and set the follow command lines:
X:\Sources > d:
where d: drive is your system drive.

D:\>cd windows/system32
D:\Windows\System32>ren utilman.exe utilman.bak
D:\Windows\System32>ren cmd.exe utilman.exe

3. Reboot computer

4.At Windows login screen, press Windows key + U to open the command prompt and type the following command line:
net user localadmin password123 /add
net localgroup administrators localadmin /add

5. Exit command prompt. Log in Windows using localadmin account:
User name: .\localadmin
Password: password123

 6. Computer > (Right click) > Properties > Change settings

6.1 Log in your temp local admin account from the "Change settings"
- Username: .\localadmin
- Password: password123

7. Computer Name > Change >Update Workgroup: "MyWorkgroup" (example) > OK
 => Do not restart computer

7.1 Delete the Workgroup "MyWorkgroup" (example)

7.2 Set Domain "" (example)

7.3 Connect to your Network.

8. Computer Name > Change >Update Domain : "" (example) > OK

9. Restart Computer > Log in as Admin account

10. Computer > Manage > Local Users and Groups > Users => DELETE " localadmin"

11. Restart Computer. Boot from OEM CD.

12. Select Command Prompt, set X drive to D drive and set the follow command lines to rename the files back:
X:\Sources > d:
D:\>cd windows/system32
D:\Windows\System32>ren utilman.exe cmd.exe
D:\Windows\System32>ren utilman.bak utilman.exe 

13. Restart Computer. Login using user account.