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Monday, 12 November 2012

Black Friday Special from Total Defence Up to 70% Savings

Anti-Virus & PC Tune-Up bundle at $29.99!

Here is your chance to save up to 70% with this special deal from Total Defense.
From November 15th to December 7th, 2012, you can protect & optimize all PCs in your households for only a third of the normal price point.
So, you get the chance to test and promote their products prior to the Black Friday offer and see how they perform.

Up to 70% discount for Anti-Virus & PC Tune-Up bundle (valid between Nov 15th - Dec. 7th).

Normal Price: $89.98
Special Price: $29.99
Discount: 70%

Total Defense Anti-Virus & PC Tune-Up

Total Defense's line of products won multiple industry awards:
- Info Product Security Guide 2012 Global Excellence award for Best Anti-malware, Anti-spyware and Antivirus,
- Westcoast Labs Checkmark Award,
- more VB 100 awards than any of its competitors.
The final price of $29.99 (saving $60) and the fact that it protects 3 PCs makes this bundle product more attractive than any of the competition's offerings this time of the year, thus, bringing the best value for money one can buy.

Buy here Now!(Coupon Code included)

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Problem Opening Microsoft Office Excel Files (Solved)

If you experience this problem with opening all Microsoft Office Excel files.
You may like to try the following steps below.

 1.    Launch Excel main program.

 2.    Click on Excel Options

3.    Advanced > General > Unchecked the box “ Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

4.    OK. Exit Excel and test on any Excel file again.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 FREE One Year License Coupon Code

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Limited Time Promotions
Starting from now till 30 Nov 2012, you'll enjoy a FREE 1 year license for Total Security 2013 (3 PCs), one of the best high-end security suites with the below coupon code:


Click here to visit BitDefender website with your coupon code code now

Bitdefender 2013 Suite and Features

Bitdefender Safepay
Protects online banking and e-shopping. Keeps your credit card information private.

USB Immunizer
Immunizes any Flash Drive from viruses, when they are connected to your computer, so that you never worry again about USBs infecting you or your friends.

Antivirus & Antispyware
Protect you against any kinds of r-threats. Also does not cause slowdowns, as it monitors your system resources and runs only when they are free enough.

Analyzes and blocks websites that support various scams or credit card phishing attempts.

Search Advisor
Gives advance warning of risky websites right in your Google and Bing search results.

Social Networking Protection
Filters the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends, and monitors your privacy settings.

Parental ControlBlocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain hours, and helps you remotely monitor your children's online activity - even on Facebook!

Two-way Firewall
Monitors your internet connection and keeps strangers from accessing your Wi-Fi connections.

Stops unwanted e-mail from reaching your inbox.

Device Anti-Theft
Locks, wipes or even locates your laptop from any internet-connected device you have on hand.

Bitdefender Safebox
Stores and protects your important or sensitive files in a secure online location, so you can manage and access safely, from all your devices - iPhones, iPads, Android phones or PCs. First 2 GB free!

Boast your PC's performance, by cleaning up system files and registries.